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newsletter clip artNo, I’m not dead. I’ve simply been neglecting my blog since June. Sorry about that. I am getting on an editorial calendar planning binge, so watch your email for the rest of the year.

Since I don’t have a lot to say for PublishSavvy at the moment, other than I’m fricking busier than a one-armed paperhanger, I’ve put together some publishing industry news I thought you might like. Enjoy, pass it along, line your birdcage with it, whatever .

Happy Friday! -SJ


– If you haven’t seen these excerpt collections from Publishers Marketplace, you’re missing out! Check out the hot titles for Fall/Winter 2014.

– Check out this great new option for promoting genre books, so they can get exposure in the most widely-read newspaper book section there is.

– I attended a 30-minute webinar run by Guy Kawasaki (yes, that one) yesterday on this new (and FREE) graphic creation software. So easy, even I can do it. It features templates for book covers on Kindle, social media post graphics, infographics, Twitter and Facebook page design, and other items. You can also do custom-sized graphics for any other purpose. The only thing you have to pay for is any selection of stock photography that you use in your design. But, as the example showed in the webinar, most of those photos are very cheap ($1)! Sign up for this important tool today!

Why does your ebook need to be sold in India? Because 24% of all titles published in India are in English. Why does your ebook need to be available for sale in a variety of places and formats online? Because most Indians prefer tablets to specific e-readers… and 70% of rural India accesses the Internet via mobile phones. (The current population of India is 1.2 billion people. You can do the rest of the math from there.)

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Because this is the most accurate write-up of publishing I have found. Yet.


This article by Mike Underwood had me completely captivated today. Mostly because it is RIGHT ON with all of the underground details of publishing, both traditional and self.

Main points that had me nodding and saying to myself, “Right on, man!”:

  • Definitely go after some sub rights. It’s easy money.
  • “Don’t count on the fat Hollywood money.”
  • “If you’re an author, the cover is not for you.”
  • Several new definitions of book marketing, promotion, publicity and pitching (much nodding of head here)
  • Editors are some of the hardest and longest-working people I know, and they deserve all of the love and appreciation we can give them.” (sniff.)
  • Returns are likely to happen.
  • But something that I fear can get lost in the excitement about author publishing is the reality that a lot of writers, myself included, sucked for quite a while before we got good.” (another believer in the 10,000 hours rule)

So read it. NOW. Especially you newbies!

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Get Heather Nestleroad’s “If I Grow A Beard, Do I Have to Dye That, Too?” free today on Amazon

Heather Nestleroad’s debut book, “God Has Better Things to do Than My Laundry” gave us a glimpse into her family’s life and faith, through hilarious stories from her blog… like how she’s just now learning how to order coffee drinks, her teenage daughters’ various dramas (and how they might drive her to drink beverages stronger than coffee), and repressing her grandmotherly urge to cover up young people who wear too little clothing in public.

beard cover

Her follow up book, “If I Grow A Beard, Do I Have to Dye That, Too?” explores her hitting the big 4-0, her many questions about menopause, and why lingerie is so expensive (her theory is that some are made with wi-fi). This new blog-to-book showcases her faith’s growth while observing life’s quirks. This book is available today on Amazon for free! So download it to your Kindle device and savor it with a cuppa today!


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PublishSavvy’s 3rd anniversary (What — the what!!?) and the giveaway you’ve been waiting for!

I know, right? <head tilt> How did I get to three years already? Be careful what you wish for!

This is what I look like. For realz!

This is what I look like.
For realz!

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has worked with me, encouraged me, been enthusiastic with me and for me, helped me put events together, complimented me, and generally been there over this past three years.

It’s certainly been a lot of lost sleep and late nights, because that’s what you have to do when you work a “real job” and do all of this fun stuff in the off-hours.

It’s also been a comedy of errors at times… work that didn’t save on the computer, lost files, lost flash drives, lost emails, wasted money, missed deadlines, and other technological hijinks. But that’s how we learn, right?

I would not change a thing. I can’t wait to see what the rest of 2014 holds – it’s certainly been a fantastic beginning!


And — here’s what you’ve been waiting for… the anniversary giveaway. I’m doing just one item this time around. But by far, this is what people have been asking for:

red penFREE EDITING OF A MANUSCRIPT (up to 30,000 words)

So how do you get in on this? If you’re already a follower of this blog… you’re entered. If you’re not a follower, then just enter your name and email over there (—>) and you’re in.

Winner will be announced on May 1!

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Follow this blog and get a detailed how-to on self publishing!

So I did a presentation recently at a public library for a writer’s conference, and unfortunately I went WAY over time, so I had to abbreviate my presentation by about 2/3. Which meant all the good stuff got skimmed over, and no one got to see it in detail, unless they asked me for a copy of my presentation afterwards.

Well, my fine blog followers and potential followers, you are in luck. I am offering this PDF presentation to you at no charge if you forward this on to someone or add yourself to the mailing list for the blog.

[Check out the follow email signup at the bottom right of this page. Looks like this:]follow blog

Why should you follow this blog? Because I try to have a lot of insightful stuff about the industry, tips and tricks, and warn you off scammers. Which is all helpful. I’m a helper. And if you hate my stuff, you can always ask to be taken off the list – I’m really OK with that.

So – follow me! Let’s go have fun!

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Goodreads giveaway – until April 11!

Be sure and enter the Goodreads giveaway for Heather Nestleroad’s newest book, “If I Grow a Beard, Do I Have to Dye That, Too?”

A grand total of three copies are being handed out for free, nada, zero, zilch, zippo.

So enter today for your chance!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

If I Grow a Beard, Do I Have to Dye That, Too? by Heather Nestleroad

If I Grow a Beard, Do I Have to Dye That, Too?

by Heather Nestleroad

Giveaway ends April 11, 2014.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter to win


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Where you can find your readers, and what they really really want.

With apologies to the Spice Girls, there are some interesting statistics in this article from August of last year. (I think this equates with a lot of the results that came from the much more expensive [formerly] Bowker 2013 Annual Review, which is quoted in innumerable online blogs and articles.)

I have done a bullet point summary of the article, if you want the good stuff without reading it:

– “Readers prefer e-books to paperbacks (77 to 52 percent). However, the question allowed readers to choose all formats that apply, and there appears to be crossover between the two most popular formats, indicating some readers buy books in multiple formats when the paperback is available.”

– “Nearly 58 percent of those surveyed have not visited a brick and mortar bookstore in the last year or have done so twice in the last year. ” So how important is that print distribution you were so worried about? Think about it.

– “Ninety-five percent of readers are “more likely” to buy a self-published book from an author who is known to them versus 68 percent who are “less likely” to buy a self-published book from an author who is unknown to them.” This is why you need to keep an email list and make sure your previous buyers know about new and upcoming releases!

– “Facebook (62 percent) and Author Websites (63 percent) were virtually tied for first when readers were asked where they get their information about their favorite authors.” So yes, you do need a separate Facebook fan page AND a website. “87 percent of those surveyed do follow their favorite authors on Facebook.”

– “We asked readers to tell us which review publications they subscribe to… Eighty-one percent chose “None”.” Spending the $400+ for Kirkus is probably not going to help you reach buyers/readers.  “In addition, 60 percent of those surveyed “never” peruse the New York Times bestseller list looking for new authors.”

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Looking for beta readers or book reviewers? Check this out.

One of my favorite sites, The Writer’s Guide to EPublishing, has now established a CLOSED Facebook group for beta readers and/or book reviewers. The info on the group page says this:

“Reviewers and beta readers will be given a copy of books they wish to read and/or review. These may not be shared with anyone else. Beta readers will provide feedback to the author. Reviewers are expected to give honest reviews, which will be posted at the venues requested by the authors as well as any venues the reviewer prefers.

Each author will be responsible for posting a turn-around time needed on the beta read or review for each request. If a reader/reviewer accepts the book, they agree they will have feedback to the author or reviews posted within that time frame.

If a reviewer or beta reader accepts books, but frequently does not meet the turn-around times, he/she will be removed from the group. We all know that things happen beyond our control – so if you cannot make a deadline, just make contact with the author AND an admin to let them know what is going on and why you can’t make the deadline.

All discussion/comments will remain respectful at all times. There will be no spamming, ads, requests for shares/tweets in this group.”


Keep in mind that this “is NOT a community where you join just to spam fellow authors to promote your books. Both communities are set up in the spirit of the WG2E, which is all about sharing information for all-things epublishing and hybrid publishing.”

Once you join the group, all of the information you need to get started is listed in the Files Section in the new group.

This is an important service for those in the middle of writing a book, and for those who need a few reviews to help them in their marketing of books that are already released.

For more info, here is the official release announcement:

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“Remember the Nails: 40 Days of Doing Something Uncomfortable on Purpose” by Steve Schofield – FREE today on Amazon

This is #14 in Devotionals this morning. Can you help us make it #1?

nails cover
Have you ever been in a spot where you’re wondering to yourself, “Why has God put me here? It doesn’t seem to make any sense”? Being in that situation makes us uncomfortable. Uneasy. Unwilling, sometimes. But God likes us to stretch our wings and push us to fly – because He knows we can, even if we’re not so sure.

In “Remember the Nails,” Steve Schofield asks us to try doing just that – remembering that Jesus endured the ultimate discomfort, all for us. Can you give Him 40 days?

Free today on Amazon.

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A winner is declared!

Congratulations to Eric S. of Mooresville, NC — he is the winner of the 1TB hard drive giveaway!

Stay tuned for further giveaways from PublishSavvy in the coming months. I’m thinking a laptop… up to 50 pages of free editing… and other awesome stuff. (Send me suggestions!)

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